1.Where to cut
A:Can only be cut at the indicated place with scissors mark
B:After cutting, bend the FLEXINEON, then cut off the extra copper
2.How to connect to Power Cord
with our power connector.
3.How to deal with the End of FLEXINEON
Cover it with our correct End Cap, and then seal it with glue in
order to make it waterproof or to avoid Children's touch.
4.For outdoor use, do not forget to seal every connecting points with
silicon glues.
A:Do not plug in before the installation / assembling of the
FLEXINEON is finished;
B:The Voltage of the Power source shouldn't be higher than the
limited voltage of the FLEXINEON;
C:Don't light on the FLEXINEON while it's in the rolls;
D:Make sure to give the FLEXINEON with enough space for cooling down
when it's in use;
E:The FLEXINEON has Max. using length, for 240v FLEXINEON, it's 100m
        For 120v---50m.
        For°@12v--- 7m.
FLEXINEON consists of bulbs, P.V.C. and metal wires. You can use it with 6 different
types and 8 different colors. Red, Green,Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange and clear is
available. Extrusion of each color has protective u.v. additions.
Theapplications of FLEXINEON are un;imited. We use it to decorate the buildings,
streets, clubs, restaurants, hotels, parks, stages, facabes, festival, shops festival
and all occasions. We also can use it for artistic designs, sign making.
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