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SR-20 machine

Yi Wai is equipped with precise manufacturing equipment such as HIGH SPEED MACHINES and HIGH PRECISION MACHINING CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE MACHINES. We provide superior products and service for customers throughout the world with 100% quality guarantees. We can also manufacture specific products according to our customers' needs. Maintaining a product's high quality is one of the main reasons contributing to the success of Yi Wai. A commitment to quality, price, and lead time have seen Yi Wai become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of electronic connectors in Taiwan.
Yi Wai Industrial Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing a wide range of electronic products including RCA plugs, banana plugs, binding posts, switches, RF connectors, etc... It began business in 1980 with the mission of providing the best products with the most competitive price.

Factory picture

RNC-16 machine

  • Name: Yi Wai Industrial Co., Ltd.
    `````````A & adcon electronic Co., Ltd.

    • Address: NO 42-1, 17th Street Chung Teo, Tainan Taiwan, R.O.C.
        Tel: 886-6-2677751-3, 2677783-4
        Fax: 886-6-2696498, 2697632

    • Establishment: 1980

    • Capital: NT$25,000,000

    • Sales: US$3,000,000 in 1996

    • Managing Director: James H.S. Chang

    • Business Nature: Manufacturer & Exporter

    • Main Business Scope:
        RCA plugs, banana plugs, binding posts, terminal blocks
        Plugs, jacks, switches, clips, relays
        RF connectors, BNC, UHF, N, TNC, Twinax, SMA, SMB, F, and Interseries Adaptors

    • Main Market: Europe, N. America, Australia and other Asian countries

    • Banker:  1. First commercial ban tainan branch
                 2. Chang Hwa Commerial Bank, Ltd.
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